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Largely Literary Theater Company, L.L.C.
The Largely Literary Theater Company, L.L.C., welcomes you to a world of great theater and storytelling for adults and children. Based in Ohio, we are a touring company offering:

FOR ADULTS: Adults will find the spine-tingling works of Edgar Allan Poe, the warmth and humor drama of Charles Dickens, and the keen wit and observation of humor nature that is Mark Twain. We also offer adult storytelling shows. Ghosts by the Tale is a blend of ghostly folk tales and true stories. Stories for the Ages is a show for older adults about life's travels, from our first love to the legacy we leave our children.

FOR CHILDREN: Children will travel around the world with our storyteller. In Animal Tales, they meet three sassy Chinese bunny sisters who learn to respect their elders. In Earth Stories, they meet the clever Raven, the Light Bringer, and a brave little Muskrat who helps make the Earth. In The Poetry Show, they hear rhythms, tempos and rhymes, from an Emily Dickinson rap to a story poem about a kindly dragon. Remember, "story" is just "lesson" dressed in the clothes of "fun"! 
Theater and storytelling for all ages
Largely Literary Theater Company, L.L.C. ® 2683 13th Street, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
The Tell-Tale Play
Storytelling shows for K-2 and 3-5
A Christmas Carol
Stories With Mrs. Santa Claus
Twain By Three
Ghosts by the Tale
Mother Goose